Folder Printing

Folder Printing & Type of Folders : We are producing  any kind of folders with a high quality which are used for introduction , presentation , promotion of your company or your organization. Folders which are used for introduction of your reports with any pocket shape and Cd-Dvd Rom fitting apparatus or end tab folders , tab folders , single or duo pocket folders , pressboard folders , presentation folders , medical folders , patient files , kraft folders , windowed folders , folders with string , folders with fastener with the own format or custom designs as you wish , produced by us with a high quality manufacturing.

  • Options : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Color        Size | Paper Type : Optional       Folder Design : with Pocket | Pressboard type | Custom shape pocket       Binding : Matte | Glossy Cellophane | Local UV Embossment | Sandy UV Embossment | Gilding Printing  and many more options are available as well..
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